Photos from Madrid

One year ago, I flew to Spain and visited Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Segovia and a small charming town of Talavera de la Reina, where my friend lived. This was definitely one of my favorite trips I did last year and I miss traveling so much, now that many countries are locked down due to the corona virus.

My friend Ellen is a photographer and we met at the Ballroom Dance Team back at the University of Connecticut where we studied. She had recently sent me the photos we did together in Madrid and it definitely made my day!

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What I did during my very short 2.5 days of stay in Paris!

The other day, I just spontaneously decided to go to Paris, as a friend of mine from Japan was traveling, and I could stay with her in her hotel! Though everyone would love to just take a flight or the train, sometimes it can be hard since the fares can be quite expensive, especially if you book last minute. As I found a good BlaBlaCar ride, I booked the ride two hours before departure, and I was in the car! Continue reading “What I did during my very short 2.5 days of stay in Paris!”


Singapore travel

After Christmas, I flew to Singapore to visit my parents. My father was transferred to the office there in 2017, and they have been enjoying their new life since then.

For me, it sometimes feels strange as I am from Japan, but at the moment I do not even have a place to stay there!! (Though I could stay with my younger sister, she lives in a very small apartment in Tokyo.) But I am always happy to visit my parents and explore the beautiful country of Singapore with sunny weather 🙂 Continue reading “Singapore travel”