What I did during my very short 2.5 days of stay in Paris!

The other day, I just spontaneously decided to go to Paris, as a friend of mine from Japan was traveling, and I could stay with her in her hotel! Though everyone would love to just take a flight or the train, sometimes it can be hard since the fares can be quite expensive, especially if you book last minute. As I found a good BlaBlaCar ride, I booked the ride two hours before departure, and I was in the car! Continue reading “What I did during my very short 2.5 days of stay in Paris!”


Palmengarten Frankfurt

Last weekend, a friend of mine was visiting me, and I had to show her around the city! It is always exciting when a friend comes to visit, because it is a always good opportunity to explore and find new cool places!

It was my third time to visit the Palmengarten, and we had such a nice time. The weather was very nice (18 degrees max) and the cherry blossoms were blooming! Continue reading “Palmengarten Frankfurt”