What I did during my very short 2.5 days of stay in Paris!

The other day, I just spontaneously decided to go to Paris, as a friend of mine from Japan was traveling, and I could stay with her in her hotel! Though everyone would love to just take a flight or the train, sometimes it can be hard since the fares can be quite expensive, especially if you book last minute. As I found a good BlaBlaCar ride, I booked the ride two hours before departure, and I was in the car! From Frankfurt, it takes about 5.5 hours by car. It was my second time using BlaBlaCar – though some people are scared of car sharing, I’ve had a pleasant experience so far and the driver was very nice with many good reviews. In the car, there were 3 other people, and the ride was comfortable.

I arrived in Paris around 19:30pm on Saturday night, and met up with my friend. First went back to the hotel, and my friend already had a restaurant in mind, excited to see what is there. We got to the restaurant, and we were very surprised to see such a long line!

It has been a long time since I waited like this on line for a restaurant. Apparently this restaurant is very famous, and it was established in 1896. We waited for about literally 50 minutes, and finally we were inside the restaurant and got our seats.

The restaurant is big and the service was smooth and fast. The atmosphere of the restaurant reminded me of Oktoberfest in Munich a little bit. This restaurant is also quite reasonable for Paris. We had the above food (shrimps, escargot, chicken/steak with fries) with two beers, and it was around 25 EUR per person!

Restaurant info: Bouillon Chartier

After the restaurant, we went to a cafe for a drink (we thought), but ended up having at least 3 more drinks and cheese until 3:30am!

Next day, we woke up and moved to another hotel. The interior was very cute that I had to take so many pictures! The hotel is located close to the Louvre, and we stayed in the junior suite. The view was also nice.

Hotel information:

LP Hotel Lourve


For lunch, we had some delicious Japanese food! (though in Paris..) The meal was a reasonable price around 13 EUR per person, and I was surprised that there are so many Japanese restaurants in the same area.

Once we got ready after food (around maybe 2pm^^), my friend took me to the Tuileries Garden. Such a good photo spot! Loved the pictures taken here.

After the garden, we enjoyed some crepe with Nutella on the way.

As walk more, we stopped by at LadurΓ©e, the famous macaron store. I had a cup of rose tea and one scoop of rose ice cream! Rose flavor is always my favorite.

Though the tea time was nice, the restroom upstairs was even fancier!

After this, we stopped by at some stores and went to the Arc de Triomphe. Very impressive.

Finally saw the Eiffel Tower, and by now we walked quite a lot!

We needed some rest as we walked in our heels, and we rested on the grass. Unfortunately, this was the worst moment of my trip, as so many people selling tower figures and alcohol came to us to sell what they have. I would say, literally somebody came every 2 minutes and I was extremely annoyed! This breaks the whole tourist experience, but at the end it was very nice to see the tower light up.

After this, we went to a restaurant nearby Eiffel Tower that my friend kindly had booked! Such a gorgeous restaurant with a nice view.

the food, champagne, desert, the view and everything was amazing!

Restaurant info: Les Ombres

Next day, we went to the restaurant right by Louvre for a brunch around noon. Though the price is a bit high, everything was good quality and the sandwiches were filling πŸ™‚

After brunch, we went into the Louvre. Luckily, there were not so many people and we were able to get in quite easily. The entrance is 15 euro.

It was so cool to finally see the Louvre as I studied art history. I think it would have been better if there were not so many people around the Mona Lisa. I enjoy art museums when it is quiet! Everyone was trying to take a selfie and we did too, as shown above :p

We spend about 3 hours in the Louvre museum, including our break at the cafe. In this cafe inside the museum, I had Mont Blanc cake and it was delicious.

We left the museum around 16:30, and went to see the Palais Royal. Here is also very picturesque.

After this, we checked into the next hotel, and wanted to do some photos! This hotel is also very cute with the painting on the side, and is located nearby the museum.

Hotel Info: Hotel Moliere


In the evening, we headed towards the Opera House and had some truffle chips and wine at Galeries Lafayette. The interior of the mall is amazing, and very luxury.

We had dinner nearby (unfortunately it was not good!) and went back to the hotel to chill and enjoy some snacks!

Next day, I had to leave in the morning to catch the bus. Before leaving, we had a nice walk around the bus terminal, and the park was gorgeous!

With FlixBus, it takes about 9 hours back to Germany, and it was a long travel, but I was so happy that I made it to Paris and saw at least a little bit of what the city has to offer! Sadly I didn’t get to see the Notre Dame, but I would really love to come back here again soon.

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