Palmengarten Frankfurt

Last weekend, a friend of mine was visiting me, and I had to show her around the city! It is always exciting when a friend comes to visit, because it is a always good opportunity to explore and find new cool places!

It was my third time to visit the Palmengarten, and we had such a nice time. The weather was very nice (18 degrees max) and the cherry blossoms were blooming!

It is always nice to see cherry blossoms trees when I come from Japan. The garden is quite big, and you can spend a pretty good few hours walking around, having a coffee, seeing tropical plants in the greenhouses and sitting on the grass for a picnic. I wish we had bought some potato chips and coffee or beer before coming here! Unfortunately there are no coffee shops for take out around the garden. There is a supermarket Rewe by Bockenheimer Warte Station where you could buy alcohol as well, but we entered the garden from a different entrance, and got off at the station Westend. If you are going, I’d recommend to buy some food/drinks beforehand!

Inside the park, there is a cafe (though there was only one person working at the time of our visit and we waited quite a bit) where you can have coffee, other beverages and cakes. Outside the Westend entrance is also a restaurant/cafe.

There is also a lake where you can ride the swan boats. The area is always filled with families with children. Though the park has an entrance fee (€7 for adults), it is always nice to be here and is definitely worth it! There are always many locals, especially families and kids visiting. I’d recommend it if you’d like to have a stroll around and have a nice relaxing time in the city.


Siesmayerstraße 61, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

069 21233939

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